Starting from Scratch

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    "Starting from Scratch is a podcast aimed at anyone looking to make positive changes in their life. Through misadventure, ill-timing, poor decision making and a somewhat laissez-faire attitude to accomplishment, Steve Adam found himself in a dark place. Literally....(in an out-house toilet). With the help of Life and Behavioural Coach and NLP Master Practitioner David McKechnie, he intends to light a match.


    Using David's simple but effective techniques, practical advice and personal experiences, Starting from Scratch will provide you with a road map to get you from where you are to where you want to be.


    Each week provides a simple, clear exercise for you and Steve to undertake with feedback, observations and discussion in the following episode, not to mention the odd humorous anecdote, absurd tangent and the occasional Star Wars reference.


    Join us - as we Start from Scratch."


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    Review - "Game Changer - An excellent podcast with easily accessible strategies to make big or small life changes. Even if it works as a tool for self reflection it will give us a grounding in where we currently are at in our lives. Also a really nice chemistry between the 2 presenters makes this fun and enjoyable while addressing important issues. Well worth a listen."



    Review - "Great podcast. Really interesting journey and the 2 presenters seem to bounce off well with each other. Definitely will look to implement into my life."