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    1:1 Coaching 


    When to reach out


    Have you reached a point in your life where you want more out of your relationships, career and personal life? Do you want to make a change but for some reason feel you can't?


    I work with clients through a range of programmes to;

    • Achieve clarity and confidence in who they are and the changes they wish to make;
    • Reframe thought, circumstantial and behavioural patterns that are limiting them and preventing change; 
    • Empower them with practical tools and strategies to move forward in the most creative, empowering and fulfilling way possible.

    Start today


    It's never too late, or too early, to live the life you want. Message me or book your Discovery Call to start making changes and writing your story today.


    I provide sessions online and at Insight Matters, Capel Street, Dublin.

    Corporate/Professional Coaching


    Professional background


    With a professional background of 11 years as a Senior Solicitor in some of the leading law firms in Ireland, of setting up my own Coaching and NLP business, and of playing rugby in professional and semi-professional environments, I am acutely aware of the challenges faced in highly pressurised work environments.


    I am also acutely aware of what it feels like to lack a sense of identity in a professional environment, and to have ambitions, interests and dreams outside of that professional environment.


    Working with Professional Clients


    I work with professional clients to ensure they live the most fulfilling and authentic life possible, both in and out of their working environment. I empower clients with tools and strategies to make whatever changes necessary to achieve this, changes within their working environment, changes at home, or in the pursuit of new ventures.


    The days of "one life, one career" are over. Flexible working practices and portfolio careers open a world of possibilities. Dreams or life-long passions are no longer something to be suppressed in favour of a "solid career path".


    I also work with professional clients on a range of issues from managing stress to achieving a work-life balance, from developing communication skills to motivating a workforce, and from harvesting leaderships skills to team-building.


    Contact me


    Message me or book your Discovery Call to make changes in your career/professional/development path today.

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    Trainings/Workshops - Companies


    I offer bespoke Trainings and Workshops/Seminars dealing with topics of relevance to Companies such as leadership, communication, negotiation, culture, productivity, balance, confidence, values, goal setting, and stress management.


    In terms of the work I do with companies, it is largely focused on optimising the work environment, the working experience for employees, introducing employees to and maximising their potential, all with the intended consequence of increased employee satisfaction, an improved culture, higher employee retention and the attraction of the highest quality of employees.


    Trainings/Workshops - Universities and Schools


    I also offer bespoke Trainings and Workshops/Seminars for Universities and Schools dealing with topics of relevance such as reaching your potential, discovering your truest self, time management, leadership, communication, productivity, balance, confidence, values, goal setting, bullying, stress management and parenting issues.


    My Workshops


    I also regularly host my own workshops. My most recent workshops have been held online and in venues such as the Dublin Wellness Centre and the DLR Lexicon Library and Cultural Centre.


    Contact me to book a training/workshop/seminar today.

    Contact me to arrange a Discovery Call and to start making changes today!

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    "Those who think they can and those who think they can't are both usually right" - Confucias